Interview with the watercolour artist Anna Koliadych

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R: Hi Anna! Thank you for granting us at ZenART this interview for our ZenARTist Series. For this particular series, we will be interviewing different artists from all over the world to feature them and their works (mostly talking to them about their respective art practices, tips, and pieces of advice). We are so happy to have you with us …

ZenARTist Feature: An Interview With Whitney Knapp Bowditch

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When art imitates life, it is the artist’s mission to carry the image and try to capture the vast beauty of the world around. That is his gift.   Today, as we launch our new series called ZenARTist Feature – a collection of articles where we will be interviewing artists from all over the world, (mostly talking to them about …

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A Studio Journal Will Organize Your Thoughts and Creativity

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Sketchbook journals are used for all kind of purposes. I’ve used them for more than 30 years. What works best for me is to have a separate journal for different purposes. However, my favourite journal stays in my studio where I can find it when I need it. When I have an idea for a new piece of artwork, I …