Art at Heart

We believe that artists are inseparable from their art. If you’re an artist, creativity isn’t just in your blood, it’s in your soul. It isn’t just a way of living, it is your version of air.

We believe that your life should be as colorful as your canvas. To give your artistic vision a helping hand, we exist to inspire both your art and your soul. We want you to have the right tools to feel connected to the magic that lies within you.

We believe that art brings people together. We believe that art makes the world a better place.

Care for Creativity

ZenART is made by an artist who realises the nurturing power of care in creativity. At ZenART, we get what is important to you, because we are you. We know and empathise with the joys and pains of being an artist.

We are a caring group of artists who are purposed to inspire the world through art. We are here to reshape the creative industry by building an art brand that inspires you not only to be a better artist, but to be a better version of yourself too.

To ensure that our core value of care shows both in our words and actions, we craft art products that are non-toxic and ethically made. We also go out of our way to give our customers a pleasant experience, every time.

The Art of Mindfulness

Our name comes from the Zen philosophy. Zen teaches us about how important the presence of mindfulness is to live a happier, more meaningful life. It helps you connect with who you are. It helps you discover your purpose.

Painting, drawing and journaling are great ways to release stress and anxiety. Creating art is a meditative exercise that helps you be more mindful, find creative solutions, think out of the box, find meaning, and give healing.

In these turbulent times, professionals across professions are searching for a life with more meaning, creativity, and happiness. Fine art offers all of these, as the founder of ZenART, Ardak Kassenova, knows personally. This knowledge is what shapes the Zen in ZenART.

ZenART    Team:

In Our Own Words

What wakes us up every day is our drive to build a wholesome community of artists where they can create, share, and care, freely.

Co-founder, Artist and Chief Inspirer

After 20 years of a successful corporate career and with becoming a mother, I decided to get back to my life passion - Art. I design all the products and direct the creative side of ZenART. I love experimenting with art materials and techniques! In between helping you to fulfil your creative dreams through our art materials and inspiring content, I immerse myself into art & science projects with my girls! I’m a Harry Potter aficionado, a nerd loving maths & anthropology, and a dreamer.

Co-founder and Grey Cardinal

You probably don’t know me, but I know you… That sounds scary, but I’m the mastermind behind the business machine of ZenART, computer genius and AI, whose strategies and leadership behind the scenes drive the business growth and enables you to get all our products at a great price at your doorstep. I’m passionate about finding new solutions and motivate our growing team to go the extra mile for you - our valuable customers. In my free time, I love watching Montalbano. No day goes without jogging, cooking and reading.

Community Superstar

As the first employee of ZenART, I wore many hats and it’s unlikely that you haven’t engaged with me at least once–I am the captain of notifications! Overall I take care of project management, social media, and equipping you with fun, engaging content and community initiatives. Seeing art everywhere in Italy as part of our culture–food, music and opera (which I love!) inspired me to help see you grow along with us. When I’m not online, I like to pick up my watercolor brushes or go out in nature to free my mind.

Wizard of Storytelling

I am the person behind the email campaigns you receive as well as advertising messages you see on search engines and social media (Yeap, you may be reading this because of me). I also help our ambassadors/affiliates to get the best out of what we offer. I am a bullet journal enthusiast and a health scientist as I love experimenting with healthy recipes and to share what works on my YouTube channel. (Don’t forget to like and subscribe!)

Retail Jedi

I’ve always been passionate about e-commerce and the fascinating and dynamic online world. At ZenART, I’m able to freely express myself at my best in a professional yet creative environment – making sure that your favourite supplies are available in our store, easy to find, consistently updated with fresh photos and product description, and have the right prices. I love a fast run at the park, but even more, a proper (and the best!) pizza from Napoli, my hometown.

Supply Chain Ninja

With 10 years of experience, I can very well say I handle our product launches and re-launches, supply chain and PPC on Amazon with my eyes closed. I am the one making sure products are available on time so that you don't have to face an ‘out of stock’.. and if they are, well, thank you for using ZenART supplies! I am the owner of a property management company and a certified fur-mom. Seeing my daughter’s tail or hearing her play with her squeaky toy during meetings is something my teammates look forward to.

Ambassador of Art Buzz

I am ZenART’s resident eccentric pocket-sized art curator, art editor, and art world liaison. I build and develop relationships with the arts community and make sure that ZenART’s inspirational articles get to you "hot off the press." I co-founded an online contemporary art gallery, worked with over 100 artists on exhibitions and performances, wear only black clothes, and when I’m not creating buzz or curating and saturating in art, I still daydream of becoming a quirky Wes Anderson film character.

The Wordsmith

I can say when God sent a shower of talents, I made sure I got a basketful of them! I am an artist, with practical knowledge on various fields from painting and sculpture to costume and set design which comes in very handy in regards to writing about art. I also share my passion for the arts through teaching. I make and sell my own handmade wirework jewellery designs. Now, did I miss anything? *wink*.

The Oracle

I am the medium through which advice and hidden knowledge are sought. It is my role to provide you with wise and insightful counsel as well as divine aid. In my free time, I like to paint with acrylics and keep fit like a shield-maiden by weightlifting at the gym.

Dynamic Social Integrator

I am the one who’s been admiring your work through our social media channels and the one who’s been motivating you to reach your full potential by giving you tips and inspiration. I also create artful content for ZenART (subscribe to our YouTube channel!). I live and breathe Art. I fill my days with endless hours of painting and coming up of ways to develop my practice as a painter.