Inspiration 6 Mindful Journaling Tips for Beginners: Read Before You Begin Journaling


Overwhelmed with options and wondering how to begin mindful journaling? Watch this video or read this article as I walk you through some tips to kick-start your journaling journey.

Mindful journaling has become really popular in recent years and why not? It is used for planning work or personal projects, organizing our thoughts, and as a reflection method. In this article, I’ll share with you my top tips when journaling.

Mindful Journaling Tip #1: Leave It Flexible

One of my main key takeaways is to leave your journal flexible. When I first created my monthly view, I wanted to fill up the whole journal with the same layout as I thought that I found the perfect layout for me and I will keep it throughout the journal. However, that is far from the truth, my monthly spreads evolved and changed as my needs changed each month. 

So, my number one tip is to not rush into filling your dotted journal in advance and take it a month at a time.

Mindful Journaling Tip #2: Start Simple

It is so tempting to find the most beautiful and potentially complicated to design journal layouts and re-create them. And I have no doubt that you will be able to do it and do it. However, if your time is limited, it may take so much time to set it up that you may end up giving it up in the process. I almost did and so had to take it down a notch, simplifying my layouts. So, instead of focusing on finding the most complicated designs, focus on creating simple spreads that you can realistically re-create easily.

Mindful Journaling Top Tips for Beginners with ZebART Supplies
Right: ZenART B5 Bullet Journals in Turquoise and Zesty Lime

Mindful Journaling Tip #3: Keep What Works

Do your research, decide on your spreads, be open enough that some elements may change but at the same time keep what has worked. My weekly spreads and habit trackers changed from month to month but what stayed throughout the bullet journal is my monthly covers and my end of the month thought-recording spread and I love my vision board set up. So I know that these will potentially work in the following months as well and I am excited to re-create them in my next dotted journal.

Mindful Journaling Tip #4: Create a Draft in Pencil

Throughout the setup of my dotted journal I first created a draft using a pencil and a ruler which helped avoid too many corrections. At some point, I started creating the spread immediately with a pen which when I wanted to change created…a bit of a mess!

Mindful Journaling Top Tips for Beginners with ZebART Supplies
Left: two-column layout of a monthly planning spread by Christina Tamas from the book “Hack Your Journal II” Right: ZenART B5 Bullet Journals in French Rose, Turquoise, Lavender Blue and Vermilion Orange.

Mindful Journaling Tip #5: Do Not Compare

I have seen so many beautiful spreads and dotted journal setups when I was researching my first spreads. I wanted to create something extra, but understanding my needs and creating something tailored to me actually helped me be more consistent. So, get inspired but personalize because that will help you keep up with your mindful journaling practice.

Mindful Journaling Tip #6: Set up your environment to support your habit

Mindful journaling is a habit so you need to support it accordingly. The easiest way to support any habit is to design your environment to support that habit. That means if you want to journal in the morning while drinking your coffee, keep your bullet journal next to your coffee station so as soon as you make your cup of coffee you also grab your journal and start filling it in. If you want to fill it in the evening, then keep it on your bedside table, if you use it as a notepad then keep it on your office table.

Mindful Journaling Top Tips for Beginners with ZebART Supplies
Left: ZenART Supplies B5 Bullet Journal in Lavender Blue.

Now that we’ve covered all that, you can also read How Journaling As a Therapy Can Lead to a Better Life to learn more about mindful journaling as a therapy. Share how you use your journal and how you design your theme/templates in the comment section below. Share them as well on social media and get inspired by others following the #zenartsupplies hashtag!


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