Press Ardak Kassenova on Zanna Art Magazine: Issue One


Ardak Kassenova talks to Zanna Art Magazine about her career, art practice and establishing ZenART Supplies.

Zanna, a UK-based digital art magazine that showcases artists from across the world featured our very own co-founder in their first ever issue. Also ZenART’s Creative Director, Ardak Kassenova has been behind our amazing products and inspiring content. Interested in reading the full feature? Find the article on pages 74-75 here.

Furthermore, here is a snippet of the well written interview:

Zanna: Why did you choose the name ZenArt Supplies?
Nowadays people live in a hectic time with lots of stress and anxiety. Many choose Art as a therapeutic way of feeling calm and in peace with themselves. I personally get into meditative state while painting. It’s the moment when your brain gets quiet and you let your soul speak. You live in the moment, and can feel Zen – achieving inner balance and feeling being enough and having enough. Artists are honest and vulnerable people who are brave to show their vulnerability and communicate their message with the world. ZenArt is about finding your inner ZEN, and creating a community of artists to share and support each other. ZenArt Supplies strives to be all you may ever need to achieve your master-piece and inner-peace.

Read the full feature on pages 74-75 of Zanna Art Magazine here.


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