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Founded in London, UK


Remote from inception


Countries in Europe, North America & expanding geographies


Over 100K happy customers


Thoughtfully designed & tested products

Who We Are

ZenART was created by an artist who believes in the nurturing power of art. Founded by professional artist Ardak Kassenova and her husband Roberto Auriemma, ZenART is a family-run, London-based fine art supplies company that comprises a caring group of artists who are purposed to inspire the world through art. We are here to reshape the creative industry by building an art brand that inspires artists not only to be better at what they do but to be a better version of themselves. To ensure that our core value of care shows both in our words and actions, we craft art products that are non-toxic and ethically made. We go out of our way to give our customers a pleasant experience, every time.

We believe in reaching Zen through Art, to be mindful to live a happier, more meaningful life. In these turbulent times, professionals across industries are searching for a life with more meaning, creativity, and happiness. Fine art offers all of these, as the founder of ZenART, Ardak Kassenova, knows personally. And this knowledge is what shapes the Zen in ZenART.


Three Pillars

Knowledge & Education

Creative Community


Designed and Tested by Artists for Artists

All our products are thoughtfully designed, developed and tested by our founder and creative director Ardak Kassenova with the help of other professional artists. Our fine art tools range from artist-grade non-toxic oil paint sets (Infinity Series: Essential, Impressionist, Portrait Palettes), handmade professional water media paintbrushes (Black Tulip, Turner Collection), handmade professional oil and acrylic paint brushes (Artist’s Choice, Renoir Collection, Fine Line Miniature), sketchbooks and dotted journals.

We are for the Passionate Artists

The passionate artist is someone who not only loves to create art but feels the need to. Whether they are an aspiring artist, a leisure artist or a professional one, the passionate artist feels a sense of meditative Zen when creating their art. They are looking for a brand that inspires them and also understands their need for quality products that helps make the creative process both easier and more of a pleasure.

  • The Passionate Aspiring Artist
  • The Passionate Leisure Artist
  • The Passionate Professional Artist
  • The Art Teacher
  • The Workshop Leader
  • The Art Academy

ZenART takes pride in being a part of the B1G1 Business for Good initiative—a wide and wholesome network of local businesses focused on making a global impact.



Russian-British Forum 2020

Culture and Art Panel (London, UK) November 2020 - ZenART Supplies co-founder and creative director, Ardak Kassenova was invited to be part of the Culture and Art Panel

Eurasian Culture Week 2019

Eurasian Creative Guild Roundtable (Rossotrudnichestvo, London, UK) October 2019 - ZenART Supplies co-founder and creative director, Ardak Kassenova was invited to present in the Eurasian Creative Guild roundtable during the Eurasian Culture Week in Rossotrudnichestvo, London.

London & Partners

London & Partners, London’s international trade, investment and promotion agency: Business Growth Programme 2020 (London, UK)

British Library

British Library-European Union: Innovating for Growth 2019 (London, UK)

Entrepreneur’s Institute

Entrepreneur’s Institute: Winner of the Wealth Dynamics Masters Programme 2017 (Bali, Indonesia)


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