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#ZenARTist Feature: Yuliya Martynova, Sarah Coey, Jonathan Lawrence, Jenny Ungaro, and Anna Gorbatenko for International Artists Day

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#ZenARTist Features October is a very special month for us over here at ZenART! Aside from hosting various activities for our audience online, we will be having our first International Artists Day celebration! For this month’s ZenARTist feature, we collaborated with five artists from different fields of visual art. We will talk to them about the many abilities that they …

Art through life transitions

Embracing Art Through Life Transitions

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Peasants in Autumn, Katsushika Hokusai. Ukiyo-e woodblock printing, 1603–1867 The bright summer days have come to an end, and autumn is now here. As we move towards a new season, literally as well as in life, let us remember that life transitions are a part of nature’s process, and learning to embrace the changes it may bring can help us begin …

Art and Relationships: Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

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In this article, we will tackle up how to combine art and relationships in an effective manner. Most artists usually wonder how to have a healthy relationship with their loved ones while living out their true passion. At times, self-love is also overlooked due to the demands of everyday living. However, this shouldn’t be the case. We must take care …