Art Community Projects:

Watch the Magic Happen

Have a look at the magic ZenARTists are creating. We’d love to see your work!

The ZenART People

ZenART is a family of creatives, patrons, and art lovers who share that same burning passion for art. Your continued love and support warm our heart every day, and we’re truly thankful for it.


Ask questions, hold discussions, share tips and suggest answers - the ZenART forum is an online community for all things art. As a professional, leisure or aspiring artist, feel free to converse and connect with other artists. Here’s a safe space for you to learn and grow with a caring community, every day.

Brand Ambassador

As a ZenART’s brand ambassador, you’re the face of our values and vision. You’ll embody the personality and voice of all that ZenART is about and what we want to accomplish. Being our brand ambassador is not just endorsing what we sell, it is spreading the message that we’re here to make a difference. Through your words and actions as ZenART’s ambassador, you’ll inspire the artist in everyone.

If you’re an experienced artist or an art educator who is passionate about art and knowledge sharing, and share our values, you’d fit right in with us. We’d love to have you as the face of our family; together we can make great things happen.

Brand Affiliate

You are a perfect candidate to become a ZenART brand affiliate, if you love to use our products yourself, and you have a passion to help fellow artists. As our brand affiliate, you’ll be a ZenART representative who can promote our products through quality content. Freebies, exclusive membership, and other perks aside, as our affiliate you’ll also find the joy of knowing that you’re promoting an art brand that cares more about people than profit. As our vocal partner and ally, you’ll be personally and socially supporting art products made with heart for artists, by artists.

Special Discounts for Art Teachers, Students & Bulk Buyers

We support the art community by giving special discounts for art teachers, students and bulk buyers! Whether you’re an art teacher looking to bulk-buy the right tools under a budget, or a student who needs a particular, high-quality, cost-effective product, we’ve got supplies and discounts just right for what You want.


When you buy ZenART supplies, your purchase always has purpose. For every sale we always give a share of the proceeds to aid organizations in the art industry, or to impactful charities globally with B1G1.

One simple concept, many amazing outcomes

Every time you shop with ZenART, you spread light in someone’s life

Buy 1 Give 1 Charity

Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) Business for Good is a worldwide initiative for helping local businesses make a global difference by supporting causes for good. From education to environment and health to human rights, they empower businesses to build a world of giving, making a real impact with each purchase