What does the colour blue mean

What Does The Colour Blue Mean? Discovery, Importance, and Usage in Art

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In this article, we discuss the various features of the colour blue. We will talk about its discovery, ancient and modern importance in society, what does the colour blue mean symbolically, and how we can effectively use it in creating outstanding work.  “Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?” – James Montgomery, British poet What does the …

oil paint, wood, wooden palette, artist brush loaded with paint

Oil paint palettes will help you uncover your unique colors

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Oil paint palettes are traditionally made of wood and are oval shaped. Place your paints around the edge and use the center to mix colors. This palette is practical if you want to stand at your easel with your colors right in front of you. I don’t have a painter’s palette, so I like to use palette paper that comes …