Guide Brush Care Tips

Ardak Kassenova
  • To prevent handles from loosening and cracking, try to keep the water level below the crimping when you dip the head into water, only wet the ferrule.
  • Another special tip to preserve the brush heads is to recondition them once a year, by applying a drop of ordinary hair conditioner, allowing it to soak in a bit and rinsing well before storing again. This will greatly enhance the performance of the brush.
  • For the same reason, we do not recommend you use washing up liquid for cleaning the brushes, as it completely strips the degrease hairs of natural grease which protects the hair and leaves them prone to damage. It’s always better to use a simple bar of hand soap like baby soap, or any natural oilBrush Care Tips based soap, such as olive oil, for the best
    result in cleaning and caring for your brushes.
  • We also strongly recommend having a set of brushes for each medium you use. It is false economy to use the same brushes for all applications. ‘Crossing over’ from one medium to another can prove expensive and disastrous when contamination occurs.
  • Storage is important – always keep your brushes aired and whenever possible, in an upright position. Natural hair needs to breathe in order to prevent mould growth. Avoid window sills and radiators and keep your brushes out of direct sunlight.
  • This not only keeps brushes secure and prevents damage to brush heads, but also allows the air to circulate, keep them dry and prevent mould.

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