Easy and Simple DIY Christmas Cards At Home

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Aside from the yearly tradition of family reunions and gift-giving, greeting our loved ones in a special way is something that we all look forward to during the holiday season. It is a common practice to give away greeting cards to friends, family, and loved ones — especially those who live far away from us, as a symbol of remembrance …

oil paint, wood, wooden palette, artist brush loaded with paint

Oil paint palettes will help you uncover your unique colors

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Oil paint palettes are traditionally made of wood and are oval shaped. Place your paints around the edge and use the center to mix colors. This palette is practical if you want to stand at your easel with your colors right in front of you. I don’t have a painter’s palette, so I like to use palette paper that comes …

Top Tips to Help you Beat Creative

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One of the most common causes of creative block I see in my consulting room is the devastating effect of the inner critic. You see as well as the family and friends we have around us, we also have an inner family, and some of those family members, such as the critic, can be really nasty. Think of your worst enemy; …