Modern Motherhood

How Art Can Enrich Modern Motherhood: Practical Advice and Creative Activities to Do with Your Child

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Spring Time Maternity. Ashton Mullins, Belgrade, Unites States, 2018 Much like the process of birth and rebirth in nature, a mother’s journey is the selfless force that sustains life in this world. From the moment she conceives a human being inside her womb – everything in her becomes dedicated to sustaining life. She feeds us, nourishes us, and propels us …

What does the color yellow mean - Yellow color palette Hot air balloons

What Does The Colour Yellow Mean? Origin, Properties and Use

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In the meaning of colours, the yellow colour palette is associated with light, knowledge (remember the famous light bulb?), and flourishing of life. To further understand its properties and uses, read along. Hot Air Balloons, Myanmar What does the colour yellow mean? The fiery hue in between green and orange in the colour spectrum, it is the most vibrant pigment to …

Marketing in arts

Marketing in Arts: How to Gain Exposure as an Artist

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Deciding to become a professional visual artist is something that can be quite overwhelming and confusing at the start of your journey. You might now know where to start! Artists are all different from one another, and as with anything in this life – there is no one way to do things. Aside from carving your own path while simultaneously …

Women's Day - Art as Empowerment - Successful Women

Successful Women Who Used Art As Empowerment

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International Women’s Day, France, 1981. Image: Getty. Throughout the centuries, successful women artists have been very active in contributing to the art scene. Whether as artists, models, historians, and critics, they engaged in the movements of art as empowerment, and have fought to see its transformative roles in society. Indeed, their work has significantly contributed to the advancement of our …

Sketchbook Ideas: How To Find Inspiration For Art

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As artists, we oftentimes find ourselves holding a blank sketchbook; eager to fill it up with sketchbook ideas, drawings, and random doodles to the brim! We get all giddy, buying these beautiful art materials which we can use in our new creative project. And then, the inevitable happens – we get paralyzed and anxious by the fear of starting. What …

Bored of New Year Resolutions? Create a Vision Board

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BY ARDAK KASSENOVA Year after year, most of us commit to New Year’s Resolutions that are oftentimes too big or have an unrealistic time frame. This leads to an inevitable loss of time, focus and interest, because when we see the whole picture, we realize that we cannot execute the whole plan realistically. However, I have discovered that there’s an alternative …

DIY Watercolour Christmas Tags

How To Make Fun DIY Watercolour Christmas Tags

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Christmas card made out of watercolour Christmas ball Joining in the spirit of the Holiday season, we have our personalised gifts, Christmas cards, and home decorations. But wait, let’s not leave this one out from the set! Another fun thing to DIY this season is your own… *drumrolls*… Christmas tags! Refrain from buying those expensive and disposable cards from your …

How To Have A Mindful Christmas

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BY ARDAK KASSENOVA Christmas is all about giving. Every year, people from all around the world gather to celebrate and give each other gifts in solidarity with this joyous season. By doing so, we acknowledge that we are grateful for the existence of these people in our lives, and that we were first given the greatest gift of all – …

3 Easy DIY Christmas Decors

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Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is just around the corner, and as much as it is the perfect downtime for relaxation, it’s also a time to have loads of fun with your family and loved ones! Part of entertaining guests is making sure that you have the proper decor. Now, having good ones don’t necessarily mean spending tons of money making sure that …