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“How an enduring love for art gave birth to a brand” — Ardak Kassenova tells the story of her journey to an artful life and ZenART.

London, 28 June 2021 — Creative Director and co-founder of ZenART Supplies Ardak Kassenova shared her inspiring journey with the Doodlewash community in the last week of June. Doodlewash is a watercolor painting and sketching global community created by ZenART friend Charlie O’Shields. A highlight of this wonderful community is their tradition of inviting water media artists to share stories of their art journey to inspire as many people as possible to create art. 

A Lifetime of Learning

In her story, Ardak also narrated her journey to a life-long pursuit of knowledge. Born to parents that valued holistic development through engaging not only in scholarly activities but also in a wide range of arts, it is no wonder that Ardak grew up excelling in both her academic and non-academic endeavors.

“I believe that education opens up new doors, and I believe in life-long-learning.”
—Ardak Kassenova

The Birth of ZenART

Art has always been a wonderful friend to Ardak. ZenART was  inspired by many things, but it is safe to say that the idea presented itself as a solution to a gap that Ardak experienced first hand when she had to take care of an infant and a toddler while shopping for art supplies.  How many stories like this one have we heard before?

“ZenART is a journey to Zen – your harmonious self, calm and energised, through ART – the universal language of soul, which speaks when your mind is quiet.”
—Ardak Kassenova

Read the full feature here: GUEST ARTIST: “How An Enduring Love For Art Gave Birth To A Brand” by Ardak Kassenova


About ZenART

ZenART Supplies was created by an artist who believes in the nurturing power of art. Founded by professional artist Ardak Kassenova and her husband Roberto Auriemma, ZenART is a family-run, London-based fine art supplies company that comprises a caring group of artists who are purposed to inspire the world through art. 

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