About Zen Art Supplies

Are you an aspiring artist thinking about turning your passion into a profession?

Has your hectic life got you exhausted and stressed? In this fast-paced digital age, many people are now returning to the simpler life they once knew or the one they have heard about. A life where phones aren’t allowed at the dinner table and families actually talk to each other. Many professionals from different fields are looking for a life with more meaning, creativity and passion. Fine art offers all of that as the founder of ZenART, Ardak Kassenova, knows personally.

Ardak began painting at an early age. She won several amateur art competitions when she was at school and university in her native country of Kazakhstan where she studied economics and marketing. Then after a long and successful corporate career and the birth of her two lovely daughters she decided to devote her time to her two real passions in life: her family and her art.

Fed up with going from art shop to art shop and being sold brushes that weren’t right for her particular style, the idea behind ZenART was born.


“I ended up wasting money on all the wrong materials,” says Ardak. “When it comes to paint brushes there’s such a huge variety of shapes, lengths and hair type and prices vary dramatically. I felt totally lost and overwhelmed. I realised that lots of beginners must feel like this and end up with bad quality brushes that do nothing to improve their skills.”


So she set about designing professional artists materials, and selling them online in North America and Europe. But ZenART is more than just a family run art supply business based in London, and run by Ardak and her Italian husband, Roberto.

Just as important as providing quality artist materials, is ZenART’s commitment to making the world a better place as evidenced by their participation with UNICEF’s partner, “Art in All of Us” (AiA). AiA’s mission is to inspire children across the globe to share their similarities and differences through art to promote tolerance and understanding. ZenART supports them with a donation from each sale.

“With the right information, the right help, and the right materials, we can give birth to a new generation of fine artists who dare to experiment and be original. We are excited by the coming opportunities future years have in store for us!”

Ardak Kassenova
Co-Founder, ZenART Supplies

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