Inspiration 3 Easy DIY Christmas Decors

Ardak Kassenova

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is just around the corner, and as much as it is the perfect downtime for relaxation, it’s also a time to have loads of fun with your family and loved ones!

Part of entertaining guests is making sure that you have the proper decor. Now, having good ones don’t necessarily mean spending tons of money making sure that you get those perfectly-built wreaths, the best tree, and the highest quality ornaments; most of the time, you can make the most unique decors using stuff that has been lying around your house for the longest time! In this article, I will give you some practical tips on how to execute these beautiful Christmas decors whilst spending only a minimal amount (or maybe none at all!) So, read along and prepare to get inspired! Take notes, if you must.

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Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Do you have a lot of plastic spoons from previous takeaways but don’t know how and where to use them? Time to check your cupboards! Limiting our use of single-use plastic is one of the ways we can help preserve our environment, so instead of throwing them away after use, upcycle them to create a mini-Christmas tree. You’ll have a makeshift pinecone tree of any design you wish to have by the end of the day. Check out the tutorial here.

Mini Christmas trees from upcycled plastic spoons, Heathered Nest and One Project Closer,

Christmas Luminaries

Let’s take your Christmas lights to a whole new level! If you have Mason Jars, or any clear used canisers lying around, bring those babies out and put them to good use! We will use them as Christmas luminaries that will shine warm light upon your home. Begin by coating 3/4 of the jar area with mod podge or glue, and let them air dry a little until they’re sticky enough.

Snowy Christmas luminaries from upcycled glass jars, A Piece of Rainbow, 2018

After that, sprinkle some epsom salt or table salt on a flat ground (Pro tip: you can also add in some glitter for that sparkly touch) and roll the jar over it. Let it dry, and add in your favorite Christmas element! Wrap around some strings or put poinsettias — whatever you like. There are no rules to this, so don’t be scared if your luminaries don’t look exactly the same. Variety is interesting, and could be a great conversation starter.

Holiday Twigs

These classic white and golden twigs are a designer favorite! It’s so fast and easy to DIY them, and aside from using them as Christmas decors, they can also be used to decorate weddings, parties, and generally as a staple house design. If you see any fallen twigs around your backyard or the nearby park – grab some and take them home. Buy some white and gold spray paint from your neighborhood art shop, and start painting your twigs! You will be amazed at how pretty they will turn out (Check here the full tutorial). You can even wrap around some Christmas lights on them, or just put them inside vases.

Gold and white upcycled Christmas twigs from Simply Mad Weddings and Aesthetic Nest

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You may choose to do this with your closest friends, your children, or your partner. You can also do it alone and unleash your inner craftsman, but of course – doing it with your loved ones encourages the spirit of unity and creativity and that’s all that what we want for Christmas. 

For more Christmas art inspiration, you may check out our social media channels where we share content daily. You will find tutorials by our brand ambassadors, video guides for beginners, and step-by-step demos on how to execute your desired artwork.


Ardak Kassenova, ZenART Supplies co-founder, @ardak_zenartArdak Kassenova is mother, artist and ZenART Supplies co-founder. “My heart and soul were always with Art, and since my childhood as long as I remember myself, I was dreaming to be an artist. I was painting after work, when I had time, and teaching myself through the books, videos, visiting art galleries and museums. I’ve been very curious about different techniques and styles, and therefore accumulated knowledge and experience on a variety of mediums”. 

After 20 years of a successful corporate career and with becoming a mother to two wonderful girls, she decided that it’s time to make drastic changes and link her life with Art. She started to paint again and decided to create her own art supplies brand that would help artists to fulfil their creative dreams and achieve their best results since the beginning using high-quality art materials without wasting their precious time and money. Say hello to @ardak_zenart on Instagram!


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