How To Find Your Art Style - @zenartsupplies

How To Find Your Art Style: A Creative Workflow for Artists

Creative Cycle flow illustration map by ZenART’s co-founder Ardak Kassenova (@ardak_zenart) Artistic Style As an artist, it is very important ...
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Watercolour Paint Brushes - ZenART Supplies

Watercolour Paint Brushes: A Complete Guide – Useful for Gouache, Ink, and Fluid Acrylics

Have you ever heard the saying “A few good brushes can last you a lifetime”? While it mostly depends on ...
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Journaling as a therapy, bullet journal layouts

How Journaling As A Therapy Can Lead To A Better Life

They say that we design our own lives. When we plan properly, each goal that we create and accomplish is ...
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Modern Motherhood

How Art Can Enrich Modern Motherhood: Practical Advice and Creative Activities to Do with Your Child

Spring Time Maternity. Ashton Mullins, Belgrade, Unites States, 2018 Much like the process of birth and rebirth in nature, a ...
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What does the color yellow mean - Yellow color palette Hot air balloons

What Does The Colour Yellow Mean? Origin, Properties and Use

In the meaning of colours, the yellow colour palette is associated with light, knowledge (remember the famous light bulb?), and ...
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Marketing in arts - Indoor shot of professional female artist painting on canvas in studio with plants

Marketing in Arts: How to Gain Exposure as an Artist

Deciding to become a professional visual artist is something that can be quite overwhelming and confusing at the start of ...
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Women's Day - Art as Empowerment - Successful Women

Successful Women Who Used Art As Empowerment

International Women's Day, France, 1981. Image: Getty. Throughout the centuries, successful women artists have been very active in contributing to ...
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Sketchbook Ideas: how to find inspiration for art

Sketchbook Ideas: How To Find Inspiration For Art

As artists, we oftentimes find ourselves holding a blank sketchbook; eager to fill it up with sketchbook ideas, drawings, and ...
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Valentine's Date Ideas - DIY Heart

Art and Relationships: Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

In this article, we will tackle up how to combine art and relationships in an effective manner. Most artists usually ...
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What Does The Color Red Mean? History, Symbolism, and Use

What Does The Color Red Mean? History, Symbolism, and Use

What does the color red mean? A popular color among artworks, fashion, and almost everything under the sun, red has ...
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